Our Services


In order to satisfy the different needs of customers Sotema offers the possibility of purchasing both large batches of fabrics and small yardages, or cuts in the box all prepared and processed with the same care and attention.


Thanks to the investments in our storehouse which Sotema has made during the years and thanks to the efficiency of our staff, the company is able to despatch any type of order in the space of a few days. As well as this in order to complete the service and further speed up the delivery, with costs included, Sotema suggests the use of couriers on which it works with daily.

Customisation and packaging to measure

The collaboration with attentive and trustworthy packagers allows us to produce garments customized and tailored to every particular need.
Bedsheets, bed sets, duvet covers, tablecloths, runners and everything else become unique artifacts, carefully finished and developed according to your needs and imagination.