Linen is the oldest textile fibre in the world, its use dates back to around 8000 B.C.

Quality and Certification

The main objective of our company is quality.
In order to obtain it Sotema acquires the best raw materials available on the world market. It carries out all the successive transformations of weaving, dyeing and finishing in Italy by relying solely on certified companies, who through tried and tested production processes and with continuous and systematic controls, guarantee a high quality standard with particular care for the environment.

Sotema is affiliated with SMI - Sistema Moda Italia, one of the world's largest organizations representing the textile and fashion industry in the western world, in the linen section.
The Federation represents a sector that, with over 400,000 employees and nearly 47,000 companies, is a key component of the economic fabric and Italian manufacturing. Sistema Moda Italia aims to protect and promote the interests of the industry and its members and represents the entire sector, at national and international level, in relations with institutions, public authorities, economic organizations, political, labor and social. In particular the operation of SMI, which helps to make the textile and fashion sectors economically one of the most important Italian Industry.

In 2013, through the voluntary traceability system of the Italian Chambers of Commerce, Sotema obtained the Certicate of conformity for its products, from the Board of Certification Unionfiliere, with reguards to the promotion of Made in Italy.


Certification of conformity for finished products
System of voluntary traceability of the Italian Chambers of Commerce

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